Payday Loans & Questions You Should Consider With a Payday Advance, almost anyday can be a payday for those that can’t wait ages until the next salary check arrives. A bad credit payday loans online will enable you to get a quick cash advance online and without the hassle of having to go into banks to complete lengthy and indeed, somewhat intrusive application forms. The cash advance is often enough for people to help them get through to the next payday; then, when you receive your salary, the cash is then yours to spend as you wish Short term loans are effective to help you get through the month, but as with all loans the money that is borrowed needs to be paid off, so it is important that you think carefully prior to implementing any kind of loans application and ask yourself the following questions: What do you need the payday loan for? Are you able to pay the cash advance off when you next get paid? Is your employment status secure and are you at any risk of losing your job? Instant Payday loans should only be used as a short term cash incentive and should not be relied upon for anything other than getting a quick cash injection. Often they are used to help in emergency situations when you simply cannot wait for your monthly paycheck to arrive. As the money is sent quickly and, in some cases, if the application is made the same day, quite often the cash advance will be deposited into your account the same day of the application being implemented. So if you really do need to get cash today, and you subsequently need a quick payday loan, then look around online to see what loans are available online. There are many different companies offering payday loans, so take some time researching which ones offer the best value for money, and always, always ensure that you are able to make the repayments prior to making your loan application. Seriously. I just cannot figure this out. I planned for a take home pay of $2184. My budget for paying everything this check was $2077. We took home $2584. Right now, I have $101 left in the bank, have not paid hardly anything scheduled, and am in trouble. What should have happened (for a total of $2077): Life or death category: 1500 Bills (HSBC, Capital One, TMobile, Ancestry, HomeDepot, Car Insurance) 267 Electric 70 Water 80 Car payment (we were late so I was going to make a partial now, then the rest plus next month in the next check) 220 I should have had $100 left over for groceries/unplanned expenses from my original budget, and $507!! from our actual income. Here's what actually happened: Life or death category: 1500 Unplanned work clothing for DS and DH: 140 (should have been covered by the $507) Eating out: $63 (should have been covered by the $507-- total $203 leaving $304) Unplanned expenses (home repair, college fees, AAA, ink for printer, checkfee, work fee, XBox ($9)) $161 (s/b covered by $507cat= $143 left) Non-budgeted groceries $40 (covered by $507-- leaving $103). Bills- walmart, comerica: $160 Car payment (full) $390 Leaving $102 in my checking account to go for car insurance, when I should have had $102 "free and clear" Ok, so I overpayed the car pmt by $170. Paid bills not on schedule: $160 Total: $330 Instead of paying scheduled items totaling $312. Ok, so that makes me feel a little better now that I have worked it all out. HOW DO I STOP DOING THIS NEXT TIME???? We only have 6 checks where I am going to have any decent "overage" (medical insurance deduction doesn't kick in for 3 months) so I can't keep doing this. I need to be saving that money. I'm going to just have to roll with it this month, but I really don't want to see the pattern continue. HELP !!!!!!