Seriously. I just cannot figure this out. I planned for a take home pay of $2184. My budget for paying everything this check was $2077. We took home $2584. Right now, I have $101 left in the bank, have not paid hardly anything scheduled, and am in trouble. What should have happened (for a total of $2077): Life or death category: 1500 Bills (HSBC, Capital One, TMobile, Ancestry, HomeDepot, Car Insurance) 267 Electric 70 Water 80 Car payment (we were late so I was going to make a partial now, then the rest plus next month in the next check) 220 I should have had $100 left over for groceries/unplanned expenses from my original budget, and $507!! from our actual income. Here's what actually happened: Life or death category: 1500 Unplanned work clothing for DS and DH: 140 (should have been covered by the $507) Eating out: $63 (should have been covered by the $507-- total $203 leaving $304) Unplanned expenses (home repair, college fees, AAA, ink for printer, checkfee, work fee, XBox ($9)) $161 (s/b covered by $507cat= $143 left) Non-budgeted groceries $40 (covered by $507-- leaving $103). Bills- walmart, comerica: $160 Car payment (full) $390 Leaving $102 in my checking account to go for car insurance, when I should have had $102 "free and clear" Ok, so I overpayed the car pmt by $170. Paid bills not on schedule: $160 Total: $330 Instead of paying scheduled items totaling $312. Ok, so that makes me feel a little better now that I have worked it all out. HOW DO I STOP DOING THIS NEXT TIME???? We only have 6 checks where I am going to have any decent "overage" (medical insurance deduction doesn't kick in for 3 months) so I can't keep doing this. I need to be saving that money. I'm going to just have to roll with it this month, but I really don't want to see the pattern continue. HELP !!!!!!